Practical Action

Practical Action

“Blue Octopus’ technology, attraction campaigns and candidate management are elegant and cost effective solutions for Practical Action’s UK recruitment needs.”

– Hitesh Nathu, Recruitment Manager, Practical Action

The Brief

Practical Action had no applicant tracking system (ATS) or in-house recruitment team. The organisation lacked both recruitment resource and expertise.

They wanted to partner with talent experts who could act as an extension of their HR team and promote their employer brand to attract high-quality talent at a low cost.

How Blue Octopus Helped

Working with Practical Action, Blue Octopus has built and implemented talent management platform Octo Platinum. This provides a branded candidate journey and easy-to-use, flexible technology for managers and HR.

Through Managed Campaigns, we’ve been able to seamlessly support the HR team and provide excellent service to managers and candidates alike. A strong relationship with Practical Action has allowed us to accurately promote their brand to potential talent.

Blue Octopus has successfully reduced cost and time-to-hire, as well as improving quality-of-hire – as evidenced by strong retention rates.

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