How to manage a high volume of job applications

Your recruitment campaigns are going well, but your applications begin to come in at a high volume. It’s important to successfully manage high numbers of job applications, keeping up with these requires a high level of efficiency and speed. What better way to manage these than with specialist recruitment technology like Octo.

Key ways to manage high volumes effectively:

  1. Take advantage of recruitment software

Recruitment software like Octo can be extremely useful when it comes to managing a high volume of job applications. Our technology can make your CV’s sifting much easier, you can sort all incoming applicants into individual posts to be ‘reviewed’ ‘rejected’ or ‘shortlisted’, this allows you to keep on top of the response that your vacancy has received. You will then know exactly what stage each candidate is at. Another great feature of Octo, is the ability to generate automated emails to candidates.

To save time with scoring applicants, you can set up filters and scoring thresholds so that Octo can automatically evaluate candidates for you. You can find specific candidates with no hassle using the search tool within Octo. Quickly shortlist your best candidates for interviews with the click of a button. If you are interviewing quite a lot of candidates for a role, this can be hard to manage, that’s why we offer features such as interview SMS reminders, which automatically send the candidates a text message the day before their interview.

A large proportion of the applications may be quality, therefore with Octo you can build and manage your own talent pool, depending on their skillset and location, and quickly access their records when new vacancies arise.

Track and measure the performance of your strategy, using recruitment software will help you measure how effective your job adverts are against key recruiting metrics and see which channels they perform best on. With the new improved Octo dashboard, you can customise which metrics you want to track in real-time.

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2. Target the right people with job adverts

A high number of applications doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is high. If only a small percent of applicants are good, it’s important to think about what can be done to improve the quality of the response.

Understand the target audience for the role, what your ideal candidate’s motivations and desires are. This will vary depending on the type of role. But, it could be factors like progression, a varied and exciting workload, flexible hours, and a fun working environment.

Use clear consistent messaging, your employer branding is reinforced at every candidate touchpoint. Make sure you’re sending out a consistent message across all channels. Show some personality, don’t be afraid to show off what makes your company an employer of choice. Show candidates something authentic about your brand, showcase your brand on a careers website if you don’t already.

Tailor your job adverts to tempt your ideal candidate into applying, you need to write your adverts in a way that appeals to them – one size doesn’t fit all. Vary the style and tone to reflect the type of role and people you want to attract.


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