Succeeding in your job search

Prior to the pandemic, the job market was relatively strong and it was much easier to interview and find a great, new job. Now, it’s even tougher than it was in the aftermath of Sept. 11 and the financial crisis of 2008.

When it comes to searching for a job, it can be frustrating and stressful at times, especially due to the competition. Today, you need to do more than a good cover letter and arrive on time for the interview. You’ve got to stand out.

What you can do to succeed in your job search:

Plan ahead

Organise your schedule to search for jobs more efficiently. Understand how many hours a day or per week you will dedicate to job hunting and networking. Ensure your CV and cover letter are up to date. If you need help on your CV click here for guidance.


Quality over quantity

It’s common for candidates to apply for over 50 jobs and only hear back from a few employers. The solution is simple, quality over quantity. Focus on writing personalized cover letters and tweak your CV to target the role you are applying for, the closer the match the better the chance of getting a response. Create a spreadsheet to document the jobs you’ve applied for and the interviews you’ve received.


Expand your networking connections

Create a professional account with LinkedIn so people know you are looking for work, network with people who share the same interests or work in a role you are interested in. When looking for a job it’s important to use networks such as LinkedIn, not only can you reach out to people on the social platform to share your looking for a particular job, but you can also search for opportunities. It’s also great to reach out to former co-workers, managers and other connections to see if their current workplace is hiring.


Create an impressive portfolio

If it’s a role appropriate for one, portfolios are a great way for employers to see a range of your work. You should attach your portfolio with your cover letter and CV to give yourself a higher chance of being noticed and standing out. Even though it may take more time to put these materials together, you’ll be surprised how far it can get you in the interview process.


Search for the right job

Ensure to use job search engines to find jobs by using keywords that match your interests and the location where you’d like to work. Narrowing your search criteria will save you time, help you focus and give you the most relevant job listings for you to apply for.


Line up your references

References can play a significant role in your job search, gather at least three references if you can from people with whom you currently, or previously worked. It’s great to have a reference of people saying good things about your skills, capabilities and performance.


Apply with confidence

Depending on the position, employers may hire motivated individuals who learn quickly and provide them with skills training on the job. If you only meet a portion of a job’s qualifications but believe you can still succeed in that role, then apply. Include examples of your work ethic and ability to learn new skills in your CV. Emphasize how your goals align with those of the company you are applying for.


Prepare for interviews

Research common interview questions, make sure to create responses for them and practice them before. Ask a family member or friend to do a practice interview with you. If you’re prepared, you’ll be more confident and comfortable when you go into the interview. If it’s a video interview, which most companies are now doing, click here for some helpful tips.


Now you’re ready, visit our vacancies page to search for a role which suits you.



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Succeeding in your job search

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