Understanding your industry: Social Housing

With over a decade of experience and knowledge, Blue Octopus continues to lead the way in talent acquisition within the Social Housing sector.

In our series of industry blogs, we look at the influences and trends affecting the sector. Technology and disability legislation are key focuses in December. Below we explore some of the big stories so far…

  • Technology is helping vulnerable residents keep their independence
    More and more housing associations are using new technologies to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable residents. This includes using digital sensors to monitor for danger signs, such as where a resident has not opened the fridge or left a room for a long period of time. Residents also have more ways to call for help including wearable call buttons and voice control devices. Algorithms can also help predict who is likely to fall, before they fall. All of this can help vulnerable and elderly residents maintain their independence, at home for longer.
  • 29 contractors chosen for a new £340m social housing framework
    The procurement arm of regeneration body Efficiency North – made up of landlords – EN:Procure, has awarded contracts to 29 companies for new build housing framework in the Yorkshire and the Humber. With an estimated pipeline of £340m over four-years, the framework is intended as a supply chain for social housing landlords to enable them to build homes more quickly. This is primarily for social housing in Yorkshire and the Humber but could include other public buildings, such as schools and offices, as well as other areas of the UK.
  • Private home builder to help deliver 300 houses in joint venture
    Hopkin Homes and housing association Flagship Group will deliver 300 new homes in the East of England in a joint venture. The homes will be a combination of affordable rent, shared ownership and open market sale. Hopkin Homes is one of several private builders who have set up as registered providers to help combat the difficulties currently being faced by housing associations.
  • Scottish legislation to improve housing rights for disabled people
    New proposals have been launched by the Scottish government aiming to improve accessibility for people living with a disability, in the communal areas around their home. Under new proposals, with the support of a majority of neighbours, those with disabilities will be given the right to remove barriers to access by creating ramps, widening paths and installing handrails in common areas. Under current legislation consent of all owners is required in order to make minor changes to shared areas.

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