Understanding your industry: Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

With increasingly demanding customers, technology disturbance and global
possibilities, the retail, consumer and leisure industries are undergoing extraordinary changes.

Looking beyond the headlines though, we see a transforming sector, with fresh channels driving development as the old channels decline and retail is reinvented.

  • Retailers predict there could be fresh food shortages following Brexit
    Fresh food travelling into the UK from the EU will not be subject to checks, but delays caused by checks across the channel could mean some fresh food including vegetables and cheese could all be hit by delays. It will likely affect it in various ways, including availability, shelf life and potentially cost. Before the deadline, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers are aiming to unravel a long refined system that delivers fresh and non-perishable goods to stores in time for sale and in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Online retail continues to grow overall, and the number of retail liquidations is slowing
    High-street retailers continue to face challenges, not least from the concerns about Brexit and its uncertainty. However, online retail continues to grow overall, and the number of retail liquidations is slowing. Meanwhile, JD Sports has defied tough trading conditions, posting a surge in like-for-like sales as well as significant jumps in profits and revenue. The sports fashion chain credited investment in its store and online offering for the performance across the six months to 3 August.
  • With Brexit set to cause recruitment issues in hospitality, a drive is required to bring young people into the sector
    From 1st November, the day after the UK leaves the European Union, new waiter and waitress jobs in London cannot be given to new EU Nationals entering the UK due to salary legislation linked to Brexit. A PR drive is required, by employers and trade organisation, to bring young people into the hospitality sector. Real opportunities need to be created where employers begin to make key roles more flexible in order to offset anti-social hours with family and leisure time.
  • A rise of ‘Instagrammable’ hospitality means more focus on creating a sense of community
    Hospitality concepts being developed today focus on creating experiences and a sense of community. Guests want to show their friends and family where they’re staying is authentic, unique and exclusive via social media platforms. Ratings by local authorities are becoming irrelevant as travellers now becoming reliant on guest reviews on Booking.com and Instagram images which resonate with their own lifestyle.
  • Tourism and hospitality businesses want to explore how to improve and evidence their sustainable practices
    Over 81% of tourism businesses believe it is important for their businesses and customers to implement sustainable and environmental policies. These companies are actively taking steps to minimise the impact of their business on the environment, with 59% reducing single-use plastics, 49% reducing their carbon footprint and one in five using renewable energy. Two-fifths of respondents said they are working with eco-friendly partners, have green groups in the workplace and are recycling as well as reducing their food waste.


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