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We understand that talent acquisition and management is crucial to success. Every industry needs good people to help it succeed; no matter what that industry or sector might be.

With over a decade of experience and knowledge, Blue Octopus continues to lead the way in talent acquisition within the Education sector. In an ever-growing, competitive market, we listen, understand and use our market knowledge to develop smart solutions using next generation technology to address end users’ needs.

What’s happening in 2019?

Education is a fast-changing sector – like many others out there today. Staying up to date on current trends and issues is vital.

  • 30% of new teachers leave Education after just five years
    Government figures predict pupil numbers will have significantly increased by 2026. Meanwhile, 30% of new teachers leave Education after just five years. Recruitment of new teachers and retaining existing staff is therefore a key priority for many within the sector. As is managing the additional pressures caused by this shortage of the right talent.
  • ‘All-Through’ schools are increasing in number
    ‘All-Through’ schools, where children can stay with the same education provider from nursery to sixth form, are growing in popularity. This raises new challenges in terms of planning the student journey and ensuring staff have the training and skills required.
  • More options for vocational education are being provided
    In line with the Government’s Industrial Strategy, there is increased focus on technical learning. More options for vocational education are being provided as a genuine alternative to the existing academic provision. Universities are doing it too, with the popularity of ‘degree apprenticeships’ rising.
  • Digital solutions such as e-assessments are becoming commonplace
    Digital tools, hardware and software are no longer considered a luxury in education. It’s not just about computers either (although there are an estimated 3.9 million of them in classrooms across the UK). E-assessments, game and video-based learning and cloud-based technologies are all becoming more common.
  • Brexit preparations are still underway as there is potential for an exodus of teachers
    Educators are continuing to do their best to prepare for an uncertain Brexit. Recruitment is a concern here too, with the existing skills shortage likely to be exacerbated by the potential exodus of thousands of teachers. This could particularly affect teaching provision for modern foreign languages.

Blue Octopus works with clients across the Education sector, providing forward-thinking talent solutions and helping them stay relevant in a world that’s moving at pace.

Get in touch with our team today on 0113 532 3418 or email hello@blueoctopus.co.uk and find out how we could support you.


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