We understand your industry: Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

We understand that talent acquisition and management is crucial to success. Every industry needs good people to help it succeed; no matter what that industry or sector might be.

With over a decade of experience and knowledge, Blue Octopus continues to lead the way in talent acquisition within the Travel, Leisure & Hospitality industry. In an ever-growing, competitive market, we listen, understand and use our market knowledge to develop smart solutions using next generation technology to address end users’ needs.

What’s happening in 2019?

The Travel, Leisure & Hospitality industry is affected by so many factors and made up of so many different sectors that it’s well-known for being difficult to predict. However, there are several commonplace, identifiable key themes within the UK industry.

  • The consumer social conscience is more powerful than ever
    The UK population is increasingly aware of environmental and social issues, as shown by its response to plastic pollution in 2018. This continues to affect businesses going forward, with more investment in sustainable products and services, dietary shifts towards vegetarianism and veganism and increased scrutiny of supply chains.
  • People are seeking experiences over material products
    People are seeking experiences over material products. Organisations within the Travel, Leisure & Hospitality industry are therefore investing more in providing exciting, bespoke or premium experiences. Businesses are becoming more customer-led in order to remain competitive.
  • Businesses embrace digital solutions to improve performance
    Investment in back-office solutions is helping businesses thrive. As these solutions become mainstream, smaller set-ups are able to benefit from them too, leveraging data and AI to become more effective and profitable.
  • Brexit continues to cause disruption, with many concerned about the after-effects
    Businesses are ramping it up when it comes to preparing for Brexit, whether that’s assessing their external supply chains, considering what might happen to the labour market or making adjustments to their spending.
  • Increased investment in hiring, training and development is essential
    In a competitive labour market where candidates have many opportunities to choose from, businesses in Travel, Leisure and Hospitality need to offer more. Especially if they’re to deliver the best experiences for their customers.

Blue Octopus works with clients across the Travel, Leisure & Hospitality industry, providing forward-thinking talent solutions and helping them stay relevant in a world that’s moving at pace.

Get in touch with our team today on 0113 532 3418 or email hello@blueoctopus.co.uk and find out how we could support you.


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Blue Octopus solve the recruitment challenges

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