Why your business needs a Careers site

Today’s typical candidate is most likely going to go directly to your company website before they apply for a job. A candidate is looking for insights on what it is like to work for you.

Before applying for a position, a candidate’s main focus will be the careers tab.

An effective career site includes company culture, an employee value proposition, and a strong employer brand. Its important candidates can get a good understanding of the company culture from the career site and the benefits of working for your organisation.

Top benefits of having a career site:

1. Employer branding opportunity

All companies should be using their career site to emphasise a strong brand and company image. In the very competitive, candidate-driven market, top talent can be selective on who they want to work for, a career site can have an impact on their application decision.


2. Reduced cost-of-hire

Job posting online can be expensive, from £150 up to £900 per job depending on the job site, there can also be additional costs for more functionalities.

Therefore a careers site is considerably more cost-effective, than fees from traditional recruitment agencies or publication ads.


3. Reduced time-to-hire

Recruiting online allows for instant hiring and job search activity. Employers can post a role to their careers site within the space of 5 minutes and start receiving CV’s straight away. It’s a great alternative to traditional methods like a newspaper ad, where it may take a week to appear.

Using your careers site is known to be on average 70% faster than traditional hiring methods, as you’re in full control. You’re able to contact candidates immediately, without waiting for a filter to select the top talent. It also gives you valuable insight into the market and competitive landscape for the position. You can benefit from a superior match and a better fir for your business in the long term.


4. Reporting

To understand the return on investment, it’s important to report on the recruitment process. You can monitor the interaction with every vacancy you post. Your careers site allows you to track everything from page views to the number of applications.


What content to include?

If you’re struggling on the content to include, here are some suggestions of what you could use to get started:

–         Company background

–         Vision and values

–         Testimonials

–         Meet the team

–         Staff benefits

–         FAQs


Here are some examples we have designed for our clients:




Don’t know where to start? At Blue Octopus, we do. Get in touch with us to discuss your recruitment needs and how we can make you stand out as an employer of choice.



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