Work experience and the benefits to employers

At Blue Octopus, we offer technology and services that aim improve every element of the talent acquisition process.

And, as the fight for talent becomes more competitive, we ensure we’re always up to date with industry trends and news that can help your business continue to grow and move forward. Combined with our technology and service, this knowledge helps you to attract, hire and engage the right talent.

Many businesses are more than happy to offer work placements to those looking to gain new skills and industry experience, of potential future career paths. Others, however, don’t necessarily see the benefits and can view it as too much effort.

However, at a time when the world is changing quickly, and along with it, job roles and skillsets, it’s important to consider work experience seriously and understand how it can really benefit your organisation:

Employer Benefits

• Increased staff engagement and skillset
Staff who participate in work experience, such as by training or mentoring a student or young person can also adopt a wide range of skills. For example, employees may improve their teaching and communication skills or may find more effective working methods.

Offering work experience placements can provide opportunities for existing staff to supervise a young person, and help to develop their own management, professional and personal skills.

• Employers benefit because young people can bring new energy and diversity
Young people with little or no experience of the workplace shouldn’t be viewed as a burden – they can be a breath of fresh air! If you have always dealt with certain issues from the same angle, a student or young person might be able offer a completely different perspective.

They may not have the practical experience yet, but they can bring a new dynamic and energy to your team. They often have the latest theoretical knowledge so could even lead to new ideas being trialled and tested, helping keep business productive and profitable.

• Improved staff retention
Investing in young people can often bring welcome commitment and loyalty, which means your new team member is more likely to stay with the business long-term. This can help maintain productivity, whilst reducing recruitment costs and time spent.

• Engagement with the local community
Engagement and investment with the local community can help boost local economic development and can also lead to increased brand loyalty. This improved profile can in turn, lead to greater profits.

For example, construction projects often make a big impact when they begin in a community. They can help boost the local economy, but they can also upset local residents too. If you promote and offer work experience, it can help build goodwill during a project and may also help with winning future contracts.

• Increased productivity
Having an extra person on board for a couple of months, or even just a week or two, can help to increase your team’s productivity. Although time will be spent mentoring and training them, they can also complete work or projects that your team simply don’t have the time to do.

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Attracting the right talent for your business is essential – we all need good people, especially in today’s ever-changing world. Blue Octopus listens to the market and we use our knowledge, experience and insights to develop smart solutions and next generation technology to address end users’ needs.

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