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Choosing the right talent technology

Today’s applicant tracking systems (ATSs) have broader scope and deeper functionality than ever before.

The wide range of tools, features and integrations on offer can genuinely revolutionise talent acquisition processes.

There are, however, many variations between products on the market – making selecting the right technology for your team and business an often tricky and sometimes confusing process.

These are five of what should be your most important considerations when procuring tech to support talent acquisition and management.

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Aside from the basic features you’d naturally expect from an ATS (workflow management, screening, auto-posting, intuitive interview management), many solutions now offer more advanced tools.

Find out what’s available to you beyond that which is considered standard. Evaluate whether those additions could add value – whether to your processes or your people.

You might want to consider technology that can provide an onboarding module, automated interview booking or easy-to-use analytics and reporting.

Contemplate the greatest talent challenges you face and assess which tools could deliver the most significant improvements.


The technology you choose doesn’t have to work as a standalone product. In fact, it could be even more useful to you if it doesn’t.

The best talent acquisition platforms now offer multiple options when it comes to integration with your existing systems and tools. If you do have existing technologies in place, speak to the supplier about how the ATS might be able to work with these.

Employer branding

In a labour market that’s extremely competitive and increasingly candidate-driven, having a strong employer brand is crucial. Talent want to know who you are from the outset. 

An engaging employer brand can even help retain existing staff and improve quality-of-hire.

Candidates begin to form opinions about your business very early on in the application process. As such, you’ll want to know how your recruitment technology can support and grow your brand.

Ask about branding options, improvements to the candidate experience and careers microsites.

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Ease of use

Introducing technology that has a wide range of advanced features is great. Especially if the aesthetics reflect who you are as a business too.

But its value is limited if people find it a challenge to use once implemented. It’s important to opt for something smart and intuitive – that doesn’t cause more problems than it solves.

Choose technology that’s easy to navigate, puts talent at managers’ fingertips and allows the simple execution of day-to-day tasks. Candidates need to find it straightforward too.

Ask to see an in-depth demo of the recruitment tech you’re considering. You could also ask to hear from current clients about their experience of the product.

Ongoing support & development

Find out what kind of support is available to you during your initial discussions.

Are training sessions available? Will you have access to customer support throughout the working day? Is it possible for the technology to evolve over time?

In a world that is constantly changing, introducing a static product isn’t an option. Not least because the requirements of your business can also change. It’s useful to establish what might be possible in terms of ‘building out’.

Whatever you choose, it needs to be able to grow with you.

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