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Founded in 2013 by experienced researchers, Tapestry stands out from the crowd. As market researchers, we find out what consumers think as well as understanding the reasons behind it. Our study design takes a broad perspective, understanding both consumers and media, whilst our output takes the form of compelling reports and attractive infographics using sophisticated models and market simulators.

We are growing fast and are now looking to add a new Graduate Research Executive to our team, based in Farringdon, London. At our core we are market researchers, so we need you to be interested in the reasons behind what consumers think.

You will quickly gain experience on a wide range of research methodologies and ways of thinking. You’ll show curiosity as well as the ability to take on and use concepts in challenging and progressive ways. Working on a variety of projects and with clients from lots of different backgrounds – some larger, some smaller, some international and some local, you will be confident and adaptable.

You will need to be comfortable with numbers so if you really can’t stand them then this probably isn’t for you. However, you don’t need to be a mathematician or econometrician – we’ve got lots of mathematicians to do the heavy lifting! If you have a genuine interest in the world around you - people, their behaviours and culture, and a strong eye for detail, you’re just what we are looking for.

We’re big on values - if you enjoy solving interesting problems in interesting ways, are curious (bordering on nosey) and enjoy knowing a lot of things and sharing that knowledge with others – we want to hear from you! We are good people to work with, we support our employees, providing guidance, advice and direction whenever it’s required.

We offer a supportive but challenging and stimulating environment in which to develop your skills. We’ll support you with on-the-job training, online and off-site training, and optional professional qualifications, giving you the tools to become the best researcher you can be.

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